Emergency Cleaning

Emergency Cleaning Services

We offer 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency response 087-6236139

We have vast experience in Fire and Flood disasters and know how to get you up and running as fast as possible. We can subcontract to other trades men (carpenters, painters etc) when needed ensuring you don't have to do anything only contact us. We have developed good relationships with insurance companies easing the process for insurance claims and will share our experience with you.Also from our experience we do realise that people look for quotes for insurance companies so unfortunately we do charge administration fee for all insurance quotations.

Emergency Cleaning

We will complete clear out your property and restore what can be restored we will store the property while the premise is being renovated. We odourize the entire property getting rid of all nasty odours using Biozone Technology for the odour removal. We also have air foggers which we can leave at your premise for as long as you wish. We have training and special equipment for accidents and crime scene clean up. We do realize these can be very sensitive situations so we guarantee complete confidence and discretion.

Call Ciaran at 087-6236139 or Contact Us via the Contact Form and we will respond asap.

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