Driveway Seal Ireland

Driveway Seal Ireland

After getting your driveway cleaned we can coat it to make it look brand new. We can supply a selection of different colours to suit your driveway. We provide coating for tarmac and coat imprinted concrete. We have a vast experience restoring driveways and patios across the country.

driveway seal ireland

Driveway Sealer Ireland

Using a unique restoration system your faded and stained tarmac will be prepared removing surface stains, weeds, moss and algae from the tarmac. A specially formulated bituminous product is applied by roller or spray which will restore your tarmac, strengthen, protect and preserve it for the future. Doing so is likely to save you from larger repair bills in the future and we can assure you there will be no splashes on your walls, edgings, etc. Now available is an extremely durable tarmac driveway paint, available in black, red or green.

The Seal brings back the dark black colour of the original pavement. Asphalt pavement begins to deteriorate almost as soon as it is installed. As the pavement is exposed to oxygen, the asphalt oxidizes. This oxidization results in a brittle surface that eventually cracks. The Seal protects the surface and fills surface voids, reducing pavement’s exposure to oxygen and water and extending pavement life. By breaking down the links between the carbon bonds in the asphalt, ultraviolet rays cause pavement to deteriorate and crumble.

Regularly applied the seal helps to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating the pavement. This is especially important on driveways where cars are parked or worked on. Oil and gasoline soften asphalt. By filling surface voids, the seal also reduces the depth to which oil or gas can penetrate the pavement. Seal coated pavement is also easier to clean and maintain. The seal fills surface voids, a seal surface is much smoother. And a smoother surface is easier to sweep, shovel, and wash.

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