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cleaners near me corkGet Dirty Jobs Out of the WayCleaning is sometimes difficult if there is a waiting schedule on your list of to do things. To help, you need the nearest cleaner to come and handle the task for you. If you are living in Ireland, Cork and the neighbouring areas and you are wondering “Are there any cleaners near me?” Autovac is here to sort you out. We are custodians built on trust, honesty and offer the best cleaning services in any part and we are not limited to what we can clean.
The primary mission is to keep our customers happy.

our vision


Affordable Services

We try tailor our services for all types of clients and always happy to give a quote.


Excellent Quality

If you are not happy when we are leaving you don't have to pay!


No Job Too Small

As we have expanded our business over the years we haven't forgotten the people who helped us start.

Cleaners Near Me Cork Coverage

From diversifying the kinds of clean ups that we can perform to the number of areas we can deliver services, we are the best option available in your short list. If you are living in Cork, Kerry, Limerick and beyond, we can cover the requests of customers looking for cleaning services from cleaning your carpet to having a race course look spectacular ahead of a weekend gaming event. We can handle the cleaning depending on the customer’s specifications but to highlight what is possible and available; we handle contract cleaning, home cleaning and other services which include car and commercial cleaning. Don’t feel like you are left out if you are far away; we wouldn’t mind travelling all over the country to deliver our services.

Cleaning Service Cork offered.....

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • Window cleaning services.
  • Power washing services.
  • Driveway restoration.
  • Fire and flood cleaning services.

If there is anything special you would wish us to perform that’s related to cleaning, you can tell about it, and we will handle the rest.

Why choose us as your favourite ‘cleaners near me’?

You might wonder why you have to choose us over the others yet all cleaners will clean anyway. Well, here is why.

  1. We offer a range of cleaning services that are not met by most of other cleaners.
  2. We make sure the customer is happy and if he or she is not, you are allowed not to pay.
  3. We deliver services all round the clock.
  4. We handle any cleaning job thrown to us whether a small stall or a supermarket.

Every time you need cleaners near me from your home or business, feel free to find us and give us the job to make our cleaning a trademark that you will keep associating with every time you need cleaning. We have done cleaning business for years, and we have acquired the required experience and expertise to make sure that whatever requires cleaning is left sparkling.
If you are looking for us, we are located in Charleville Road, Newmarket in Cork. If you need to contact, call us on 087-6236139 and we won’t hesitate to hear you out.

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